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Unbreakable Igloo Cooler Hinges and Latches

Made From Repurposed Fire Hose

 - Patent Pending -

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Unbreakable Cooler Hinges and Latches

We make the best replacement Hinges and Latches for Igloo Coolers.



Our cooler repair parts cost less than stainless parts and not much more than the cheap plastic parts.  Plus, you don't need to pay for screws unless you need them.  We also sell these parts on eBay if your prefer. However, prices are less when purchased on this web site.



Made from used and repurposed FIre Hose.  Our Hinge and Latch material is far superior to the common plastic parts and even exceeds the durability of the more expensive stainless or plastic/stainless parts.  All our scews are stainless.