About Us



I'm an avid fisherman and was repeatedly replacing broken cooler Hinges.  I came upon the idea of making them from used fire hose.  Periodically, fire departments retire the hose and discard it or offer it for other uses. I obtained some used hose and made replacements for broken Hinges on one of my coolers.  I liked them so much I replaced the un-broken ones on my other cooler.  They work great and look cool.  In fact, they work so good I made additional Hinges with the remaining hose and sold them all on eBay.  We've now grown to be an established business with patent pending on the products and have sold more than 10,000 sets.

Thanking our First Responders


We have been donating products (as a portion of sales) to Firefighters/EMS around the country.  If any first responders would like a free set, use  "contact us" to make a request.  Indicate whether you need a set of 2 or 3 Hinges or 1 or 2 Latches and provide your name and the address of your Fire/EMS Station for delivery.  This offer is first-come-first-served as a proportion of sales.

These hinges will outlast your cooler


The Hinges have been extensively tested for strength (tensile force) and durability (repetitive bending).  All of the test results exceed the durability of the coolers.  They will not wear out and are stronger than the attachment point to the cooler.   If these hinges fail before the cooler, just contact us and receive a full refund of your purchase price.