Product Description

Never put up with this again! Guaranteed with a full refund if you are not satisfied in every way.


Our hinges exceed these hinges in all respects.

  • Hinges will outlast your cooler (see testing information)
  • Molded ribs in fire hose improve abrasion resistance
  • Fire hose materials are resistant to mildew and UV rays
  • Fire hose material is tested for extreme temperatures (-35 F to 1200 F)

Replaces any of these Hinges


Fit rectangular-shaped hinged Igloo coolers from 25-165 quarts

  • Our Hinges are not damaged by impact with concrete  walls, truck beds, ect.
  • Cost less than stainless or hybrid (stainless/plastic) Hinges
  • Flexibility provides tension for tighter lid closure
  • Flexibility provides tolerance of weight on lid when using cooler for a seat

Hinge Dimensions


Hinge dimensions are approximately -  2 3/8" (59mm) wide, 1 1/4" (32mm) high, hole centers 1 13/16" (46mm) x 5/8" (16mm).  We make the outer dimensions slightly wider to provide more material around the holes.

All screws (if purchased) are stainless.

Fire Hose


The hose we use is retired or factory scrap 5" Rubber Supply Hose made in the USA.  It is typically used to connect Fire Hydrants to the Fire Truck.  It has a mid section of a polyester/nylon weave sandwiched between outer layers of neoprene rubber.  NFPA Firehose Testing standards include temperatures from -35 to 1200 degrees F.

Tensile Strength Tests


In interest of proving the durability of the Igloo cooler replacement Hinges, I built two test rigs. One rig tests the in-line breaking strength by applying a linear force until the Hinge stretches or breaks.  Brand new Igloo Hinges would start stretching and eventually break at 80 - 90lb of force.  The firehose hinges stretch slightly at 150+ lb, but did not break after holding that load for hours.

Repetitive Bending Tests


This test rig uses an automotive windshield wiper motor with linkages that repetitively bend the Hinge 50 times per minute to measure the number of bending cycles before failure. It bends the Hinge from straight to an angle just over 90 degrees to simulate opening and closing the cooler lid.  A new plastic Igloo Hinge failed after 26 hours on the bending rig.   Fire hose Hinges have been on the rig for over 200 hours (over 600,000 bending cycles) and has absolutely no sign of wear.  


Comparison of Igloo Cooler Hinge Options